SizeDensityHardnessWeight (kg)
915mm X 1830mm x 12mm0.62-0.6580-8813.5
1220mm x 2440mm x 12mm0.62-0.6580-8823.5

Product Features

  1. High turnover can be reused more than 25 times,, comprehensive cost 50% less than templates.
  2. Waterproof, anti-chemical corrosion, anti-rot, anti-rust
  3. Light weight, high strength, high rigidity and hardness.
  4. Easy to demould without using demould spray, anti-aging, no deformation and unfading
  5. Easy to set up, fix on spot, constitute one integer, high efficiency.

Scope of use

PVC Foam Borad applied in high-rise building templates, shear wall, retaining wall, bridges, dams and tunnels and pillars templates.
Physical DescriptionUnit measureResult
Surface Densitykg/m3620
Tensile StrengthMpa15
Impact Strengthkg/m318
Bending StrengthMpa32
Heating Rate Changing % (80c, 2 H)-0.2
Specific Elongation21
Shore Hardness80-82