Preform for Beverage, Edible Oil, and FMCG Industries

Wenhong Plastic starts the Preform sector at Kuching, Sarawak in 2005, we have been supplying our preform product to the key clients in the industries of Beverage, Edible Oil, and FMCG, it incudes F&N, Bintulu Edible Oil, East Asia, Kion Hoong, and so on.  We supply full set of preform inclusive of preform, cap, and handle, we offer Blow service to clients who do not have Blow machines in their factory, the service is within Kuching only.

P120g Preform & Cap

Handle Oil P110g & P120g

P110g Preform & Cap

P70g Preform & Cap

Handle Oil P70g

Handle Cordial Cream